We're Glad You're Here

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Welcome to ACTS Church Lakeline

Here is what you can expect each


You can expect to be welcomed. 
We know how terrifying it is to step foot into a church for the first time.
At ACTS Church Lakeline you be welcomed and
can be certain that we are glad to have you join us. 

You can expect a worship gathering centered around the Cross of Christ.
Each Sunday we will join together in song, prayer, Scripture, and communion. 

You can expect to hear that you are loved by God and sent by God.

ACTS Church Lakeline Austin

You can expect community.
You'll be invited to join a community group or Bible study or
gathering that takes place during the week. 

You can expect that we will want to see you again, but we also understand that you might need to attend another church before deciding on a church home. 

ACTS Church Lakeline Austin Churches